Show Yourself Compassion

Learn about our individual counseling services in Billings, MT

Did you know that mental health is just as crucial to your well-being as physical health? At Mae Counseling Services, Deborah will provide you with the personalized attention your concerns deserve.

Whether your managing a mental illness, or dealing with a difficult circumstance, you can depend on our counselor to provide the support you need.

3 situations a counselor can help with

When the stress of life wears you down, get a pick-me-up from Mae Counseling Services. No matter how big or small your issues might seem, your local counselor is here to listen. You might visit us if:

  • You are struggling to cope in social situations.
  • You're going through a stressful situation at work or at home.
  • You need help identifying patterns and behaviors that no longer work in your life.

When you choose Mae Counseling Services, you can rest assured that your happiness is her top priority. She will create a custom plan to help you find the source of your issues, feel confident in yourself and learn to love yourself and your life.

Would you like to speak with our counselor? Call us at 406-850-2274 now to sign up for an appointment.